Construction Technology

Good Construction Practices in Real Estate

Past experiences have demonstrated that many buildings and typical methods of construction, in general lack basic resistance to earthquake forces. In most cases this resistance can be achieved by following simple principles of good design and building

Landscaping Design at The Heartsong by Experion

As an added measure to your convenience #TheHeartsong by #Experion is efficiently designed in 4 pockets for management of essential services. Carefully planned apartment spaces bring out an accentuated sense of openness

Wi-Fi connection at The Heartsong by Experion

Never miss out on your life online when you make #TheHeartsong by #Experion your home. Get Wi-Fi facility on cost – we will help you install your Wi-Fi connection and provide routers so that you’re raring to

Choose from 5 reputed DTH service providers

There’s nothing as satisfying as sitting in front of some good entertainment after a long day. #TheHeartsong by #Experion lets you choose from 5 reputed DTH service providers, so that you may take control of your entertainment

Best-in-class Elevators at Experion Heartsong

#TheHeartsong by #Experion have been outfitted with best-in-class Elevators so that you can save on time but never compromise on safety.

The Heartsong by Experion – Interior Fittings

#TheHeartsong by #Experion is provided with best-in-class air conditioning, so that your family can live spectacularly in comfort and together we may have a positive impact on the environment.

The Heartsong by Experion – Location Advantage

All it takes to engulf yourself in peace is a 10-minute drive from Delhi. With themed landscapes at one of the premium housing project aptly located on the Delhi border, #TheHeartsong by #Experion – come home to

High end premium fittings in bathrooms at The Heartsong

High end premium fittings adorn the bathrooms while glass railings add a touch of elegance to your balconies. Luxury living is being redefined at #TheHeartsong by #Experion. Have you witnessed the marvel?

In-house water treatment at The Heartsong by Experion

An in-house water treatment plant provides treated water to be used in construction at #TheHeartsong by #Experion. We value nature, as much as we value natural living. Visit us today for a holistic way of life.

Flyash brick manufacturing unit at The Heartsong

To give a robust shape to your dream, we have exclusively arranged for a flyash brick manufacturing unit at #TheHeartsong by #Experion – a contribution to nature and enviornment protection.