Good Construction Practices in Real Estate

Good ConstructionPast experiences have demonstrated that many buildings and typical methods of construction, in general lack basic resistance to earthquake forces. In most cases this resistance can be achieved by following simple principles of good design and building construction practices.

Earthquake resistance of any building is significantly governed by its Design. Good construction practices at the site further minimizes chances of failure and hence loss of life and property.

While the Indian Standard codes and NBC lays sufficient emphasis on the Design aspect of a Building, but there is no provision of mandatory implementation of the Earthquake Resistant Design recommendations at the level of local municipality (which actually approves the design). Therefore, the onus of incorporating these principles is left to the Designer.

A mature design process will always ensure sufficient balance between various aspects like aesthetics, functionality, structural requirements (including earthquake resistance), materials, construction methods and maintenance, and so on. To arrive at the final project concept, there are intense debates to hit the right balance between these various aspects. However, very few Developers actually have such robust process of product development and Designs are mostly governed by the priorities like better visual appeal or saleable area.

There should be a meticulous planning in terms of layout of a building, arrangement of spaces, openings, general design of the structural framing system with consideration to the highly loaded and critical sections. Special attention should be given to provide adequate lateral resistance. Care must be taken that the material used is of good quality, and is protected from weathering and other weakening actions.

At Experion, the Design and Construction processes are laid with an additional emphasis on development of a wholesome product containing right balance between all the aspects. The Design goes through the multiple levels of discussions, approval and the construction quality is regularly audited through third party agencies.

Windchants, the ultra-high -end property by Experion Developers has thorough structural audits to ensure complete safety of the residents. Few of the important features of Earthquake Resistant Designs are:

  • The entire Project is being developed through a Design & Build contract methodology by Larson & Toubro Ltd (L&T)
  • Earthquake ResistanceThe Structural Design of Windchants is in conformity with the provision of NBC, building by- laws and specifications as stipulated by the Bureau of Indian Standards. The Structural Analysis and Designs have been carried out for Earth Quake Zone IV.
  • The Building foundation and other structural members have been designed for the appropriate seismic loads, all dead loads and live loads wind pressures etc. In all cases due consideration has been given to the structural members to resist earth quake forces as stipulated in IS codes.
  • Following attributes of the Seismic Design as per IS 1893 – 2002 have been considered:
    1. Regular configuration of the Buildings
    2. Lateral Strength
    3. Lateral Stiffness
    4. Ductility
    5. Stability
    6. Proper interconnectivity between various members/Integral action
  • Windchants Earthquake ResistanceThe structural Design submitted by L&T is further proof checked by an independent consultant.
  • The overall Building System for the High Rise Towers comprises of RCC framed structure with shear/cross walls and peripheral lightweight sandwiched walls. Additional advantage in terms of monolithic construction is achieved by use of pre-fabricated Aluminium formwork.
  • As per the guidelines issued by DTCP, all the Group Housing projects which have buildings taller than 60 Mts have to get the peer review of Structural Design done from IIT-Delhi. Accordingly, EDPL has not only got the IIT-Delhi vetting for High Rise towers but have also got the same done for all the structures under Design & Build contract.
  • Windchants Quality ConstructionSubstantial emphasis is laid on mitigating the Earthquake risk through Quality construction. Construction Quality is assured through multiple checks including Third Party Quality Audits (TPQA) which is carried out on monthly basis.
  • Rigorous checking of the construction material before use. Emphasis on procuring the best quality products e.g. Steel used only from Primary manufacturers.
  • Periodic inspection by L&T’s Design teams and independent Proof Consultant to ensure that the work is executed as per the details provided in the drawings.

Experion strongly believes in walking the talk and you are invited to visit the Project site and have a firsthand experience of the phenomenon.


Vaibhav Kumar Shivhare
VP – Projects
Experion Developers Pvt Ltd