Huda plans end point for Dwarka eway

The process to connect the Dwarka expressway with National Highway 8 has finally begun. The link will give the incomplete road, cut off from both Delhi and Gurgaon, at least one end point, and solve at least one end of the connectivity riddle for home buyers who have flats along the stretch but haven’t been able to move in.

The road’s connection with Delhi on the other side is still mired in land acquisition problems. Huda has appointed a Delhi based company as consultant to carry out a topographic survey of the area and a survey of traffic movement, prepare a plan, and submit its report within the next two months.

“While preparing the plan, the company will consider the upcoming residential and commercial colonies, as well as future traffic load on both roads,“ said a senior Hu da official. Officials said the two expressways will be con nected via either a flyover or an underpass, but a final de cision will only be taken after the survey.

The six-lane Dwarka Expressway, which was concei ved over eight years ago starts from Dwarka in Delhi and ends at Kherki Daula where it meets the service road of NH8. At present, ex pressway commuters either pay toll at the plaza or take a Uturn from Rajiv Chowk to reach the sectors on the other side of NH8. “People either end up paying toll or have to travel 1214 km extra just for going to sectors on the other side of NH8,” said a senior Huda official, adding this in creases expenses and move ment of vehicles on the road.

The Haryana chief mini ster has asked Huda to comp lete the road by June 2017, as the state is planning to build a Metro line and bus corridor along it.

Huda plans end point for Dwarka expressway


Source: Times Of India, 23rd February 2016