What’s in a name?

“A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet” often cited from playwright Shakespeare’s timeless play, “Rome and Juliet” reveals that beauty and inherent virtues of individuals do not diminish even if they are named in any lesser distinction. Although, the statement holds true in reasonable measure, but the significance of a name cannot be discounted. So much so that people in India often resort to astronumerology in quest to keep the right name. It is widely believed that the right name would render happiness and prosperity to the bearer.

We believe, that a name should embody and reflect the guiding philosophy and core values of an organization and thus was born – EXPERION with a tag line “The Positive side of Life”. We espouse that buying home or a piece of real estate should be a memorable and a positive experience and our name truly echoes our belief and our commitment in delivering that promise.

After much deliberation, we christened our signature project WINDCHANTS. In Indian mythology wind is regarded as a vital life giving element. It signifies flow, fluidity, life and positivity. “Chants” add an element of repetition and reverberation. “Windchants” in unison stands for repeated reverabtion of positive life giving experiences. Various typographies at the project also derive their essence from wind namely: Whispering Willows, Whistling Palms, Waving Teak and Wandering Buds. The project also manifests number seven, regarded as an auspicious number in India.

We used “Music” as a metaphor to name our second project THE HEARTSONG. Our believe is that music is universal and transcends all boundaries. It has the eminence of bringing happiness and positivity that is invaluable. The Heartsong is also a fine example of how the designers and architecture decoded a statutory provision of developing mandatory sector roads to a thematic advantage by building varied typographies into the same project. The designers built Kids activity areas, leisure and recreation, wellness and rejuvenation and community activity across the four parcels offering facilities and amenity for every age group. The tag line ‘a new beat at every square feet’ underlines that design philosophy. The project blocks derive their names from the core metaphor and are named: The Melody, The Rhythm, The Harmony and The Symphony. All these blocks surround the centrally located club house ‘Chorus’.

While naming our 100 acres township THE WESTERLIES, we chanced upon many creative suggestions. However, our interest lied in aligning the name that would suitably validate the beautiful expanse of 100 acres planned dwelling offering greenery and breeze in abundance. While straight grids layouts find comfort with developers but we took the road lesser travelled and brought a crescent character to the project. The central greens became the character of the project unfolding its various activities for the residents at various pit stops. The township lies on the outskirts of West Delhi and hence “The Westerlies” became our natural choice.

Immense passion and thought has gone into developing our projects. Identifying the right name has been a minor but a vital aspect of it. We hope the inhabitants will experience the same positivity and happiness as much as we have in building them.


Rakesh Kaul
Experion Developers