About Us

Experion is a 100% FDI funded real estate developer backed by Experion Holdings Pte. Ltd., Singapore, the real estate investing arm of the $2.5 billion AT Holdings group of companies. Other businesses of AT Holdings include Construction, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy and Asset Management.

At Experion we believe that good experiences foster enduring relationships. We offer transparency in transaction, thought-leadership in action, customer insight in our developments and thus, transform every relationship into positive, engaging and memorable experiences that people would love to come back to.

With substantial Development Rights across various locations in India, Experion is developing townships, group-housing projects, commercial landmarks, organised retail destinations, hotels and resorts across Andhra Pradesh, Delhi NCR, Goa, Haryana, Maharashtra, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh.




At Experion, our vision is to deliver positive, engaging and memorable experiences to our patrons and partners and continuously strive for innovation in product design and processes with integrity and transparency.




See transparency in a new light

We give an open book access to our clients through our dedicated Customer Portal. Through our ERP system we ensure systematic filing of records to make sure everything is transparent and in plain sight in real-time.

Built through integrity

Integrity. A tenet that allows us to create inseparable bonds with you, our partners in positive living. Guided by our comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures, we are able to lay down a foundation on which to build healthy relationships.

Welcome to a world of innovation

Here, the keen minds of structural engineers and visionary architects come together to create an environment crafted to your needs. Be it themed gardens of exotic foliage or an ingenious sky-walk towering at the seventh level, every space has been thought-out and then thought through.

Involvement through hands-on approach

We approach each of our business deals with one single outlook; to be approachable. No matter what the business transaction, our involvement is always a hundred percent. Our robust team of Customer Relationship Managers is ever eager to interact with you.