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Monsoon season: A litmus test for real estate developers

Posted by Admin on January 28, 2022

Though monsoon season is eagerly awaited by the countrymen, it brings with it a bouquet of challenges, especially in front of real estate developers involved in the construction of large scale projects. Be it logistical challenges or safety and protection of the already constructed premises, the season tests a structure for its durability.

The mighty Indian monsoon is a litmus test for the builders. The downpour of monsoon exposes the structure to all kind of pressure test – design, structural capability, quality of materials used, efficiency and most of all the commitment of the builder towards its customers and residents.

A home purchase is a complex affair involving hours of discussion, deliberation, analysis, exploring, verifying, peer opinions, video reviews and more. Lured by discounts, what many forget during this purchase decision cycle is, will it whether the weather?

Every monsoon is followed by buyer's remorse, post-purchase dissonance, media coverage of distressed residents complaining to the authorities of waterlogging, flooding in basements and similar woes. Dwarka Expressway near Gurgaon is the usual suspect every monsoon.

In return for investing their life's saving, people are left with excuses and apologies.

The magical monsoon turns into a tragical monsoon. Romance is replaced with repentance, even more so in these times of COVID-19, when we spend most of our time inside our homes. While the fourth estate is covering such unpleasant visuals of condominiums and city infrastructure collapsing, a balanced viewpoint also requires covering the stars in this Agnipariksha by water.

Torrential rains in NCR is an annual phenomenon, and there are areas where meticulous planning and management has ensured that life is unaffected. Our residents enjoy monsoon in its entire glory. The feeling of Goa breeze caressing their faces as they stroll in the manicured lawns. The surreal experience of the fresh air, as though from the mountains. Watching the rains from the altitude of their high-rise balconies with hot tea and hot pakodas is a fulfilling experience.

Conclusively, selecting a home to spend the rest of your lives must be a careful and cautious exercise. There is no point in spending the hard money on a substandard project not worth residing in.


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